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Backend Software Engineer - UK Remote

What will your role be?


  • You will join our product engineering team and build products that Fearless Labs partners and customers love and rely on everyday.

  • You will be designing, building and maintaining the core services on which Fearless Labs products are built, using containerised microservices running on a cloud platform.

  • You will be part of a customer centric lean-agile team that prioritises speed, time to market and iteration based on customer feedback.

  • As an integral member of the team, you will contribute your ideas to help Fearless Labs become a leader in the marketplace.


Key Responsibilities


  • You will help us build new product features from start to finish: through conception, research, implementation, and maintenance. For example, you might build a microservice with an API that allows users to share 3rd party content to Linkedin.

  • You will write well designed, testable and efficient code

  • You will maintain or improve the performance, reliability and security of our backend systems and infrastructure.

  • You will build automation to support simple, reliable workflows that benefits the team.

  • You will be involved in all aspects of the development life cycle.

What are we looking for?


Technical Skills:


  • Shipping scalable, containerised microservices, written in Go: You can work with others to design, build and maintain our backend API’s and microservices. You understand how to design and version REST or GraphQL APIs, but will work with both. Experience with docker and/or kubernetes is a plus.

  • Automated Software Delivery: You have a good understanding of CI/CD pipelines, feature flagging, automated testing and deployment. Chaos engineering experience is a plus.

  • You are fearless about adopting new technologies: To you, technologies and programming languages are about tradeoffs. You are opinionated but not dogmatic, and can learn new technologies as you go.

  • You build it, you run it: To you, operations is a software problem and you’re committed to staying connected with the day-to-day operation of your software.

  • You'll help to shape how Fearless Labs engineering runs: you'll help develop our engineering practices, recruiting and onboarding strategy, our planning and prioritization process, and more. We’re all one team.


Personal Skills:


  • Pragmatic: You care about the business impact of what you're building, and prioritise accordingly. You're not just going after cool stuff - you can balance craft, speed and the bottom line.

  • Put Customers first: You think critically about the implications of what you're building, and how it shapes the customer experience.

  • Team player: Work is better, together. You enjoy collaborating to accomplish shared goals, and you care about learning, growing, and helping others to do the same.

  • Comfortable with ambiguity:  We’re a fast-growing team and you should be comfortable with the understanding that not everything is defined all the time

  • Tolerance for change: Especially around organizational structure and the boundaries of your role. You enjoy jumping into whatever areas need attention and learning as-you-go.

  • Thoughtful problem-solving: For you, problem-solving starts with an understanding of context. You decompose problems and search for clean solutions, by yourself or with teammates. You're comfortable asking for support when you need it.

  • Clear communication: You communicate nuanced ideas clearly whether in writing or in real time. You engage thoughtfully with others’ perspectives and compromise when needed.


Experience Required


  • You have previous experience - one or more of the following:

    • 5+ years of software design and development

    • Fluent in one or more modern programming languages, ideally in Go.

    • Real time streaming data pipelines (Kafka, Kinesis)

    • SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL/MySQL, DynamoDB, Redis, etc)

    • Containers and Serverless Computing (Docker, Kubernetes, Lambda)

    • Experience working with distributed systems is a plus

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science or equivalent.


What are our perks?


  • Meaningful and impactful work with an opportunity to be an early member of a pioneering, CloudNative SaaS business

  • We respect our people to do their work when and how they work best. Work-life blend is a priority!

  • Our success is your success - everyone gets a stake in the success of Fearless Labs. 

  • Chance to work with emerging technologies and learn new skills.

  • Generous holiday allowance and birthday off (of course!)

  • Fearless Kickoff and Quarterly events (when we’re allowed)

  • An inclusive workplace where varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view are celebrated and the individual is respected, included and empowered to bring their whole self to work

  • Transparency in business updates & communications. Whether you’re on the senior leadership team or early in your career,  you’re an integral part of the team and we’ll make sure you know what’s up

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