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Senior Frontend Software Engineer - UK Remote

What will your role be?


  • You will be a senior member of our product engineering team and build products that Fearless Labs partners and customers love and rely on everyday.

  • You will be designing, building and maintaining the web, iOS and Android applications that our customers will use.

  • You will be part of a customer centric lean-agile team that prioritizes speed, time to market and iteration based on customer feedback.

  • As an integral member of the team, you will contribute your ideas to help Fearless Labs become a leader in the marketplace.


Key Responsibilities


  • You will help us build new product features from start to finish: through conception, research, implementation, and maintenance. For example, you might build a push notification feature to notify the user that a social media post is gaining popularity.

  • You will maintain or improve the performance and UX of our customer applications.

  • You will help us regularly release our products to mobile app stores and the web.

  • You will work on Sprint/Release Planning, Execution, & Reporting and the ownership of feature/issue estimation and retrospective-based learning.

  • You will work with the engineering team to keep Fearless Labs products secure.


What are we looking for?


Technical Skills:


  • Shipping quality user interfaces, written with React and React-native: You can lead the design, build and maintenance of user interfaces using modern Javascript, React and React-native. You’re strong and up-to-date on react styling, accessibility and automated UI testing.

  • Automated Software Delivery: You have a good understanding of CI/CD pipelines, feature flagging, automated testing and deployment. Experience of releasing mobile apps is a plus.

  • You are fearless about adopting new technologies: To you, technologies and programming languages are about tradeoffs. You are opinionated but not dogmatic, and learn new technologies as you need to.

  • You build it, you run it: To you, operations is a software problem and you’re committed to staying connected with the day-to-day operation of your software.

  • You'll help to shape how Fearless Labs engineering runs: you'll help develop our engineering practices, recruiting and onboarding strategy, our planning and prioritization process, and more. We’re all one team.


Personal Skills:


  • Pragmatic: You care about the business impact of what you're building, and prioritize accordingly. You're not just going after cool stuff - you can balance craft, speed and the bottom line.

  • Put Customers first: You think critically about the implications of what you're building, and how it shapes the customer experience.

  • Team player: Work is better, together. You enjoy collaborating to accomplish shared goals, and you care about learning, growing, and helping others to do the same.

  • Comfortable with ambiguity:  We’re a fast-growing team and you should be comfortable with the understanding that not everything is defined all the time

  • Tolerance for change: Especially around organizational structure and the boundaries of your role. You enjoy jumping into whatever areas need attention and learning as-you-go.

  • Thoughtful problem-solving: For you, problem-solving starts with an understanding of context. You decompose problems and search for clean solutions, by yourself or with teammates. You're comfortable asking for support when you need it.

  • Clear communication: You communicate nuanced ideas clearly whether in writing or in real time. You engage thoughtfully with others’ perspectives and compromise when needed.


Experience Required


  • You have previous experience - one or more of the following:

    • 7+ years of software design and development

    • Strong Javascript, React and/or React-native

    • Measurement and optimization of UI performance

    • Production deployment of web and/or mobile applications

    • Testing for React and/or React-native applications

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science or equivalent


What are our perks?


  • Meaningful and impactful work with an opportunity to be an early member of a pioneering, CloudNative SaaS business

  • We respect our people to do their work when and how they work best. Work-life blend is a priority!

  • Our success is your success - everyone gets a stake in the success of Fearless Labs. 

  • Chance to work with emerging technologies and learn new skills.

  • Generous holiday allowance and birthday off (of course!)

  • Fearless Kickoff and Quarterly events (when we’re allowed)

  • An inclusive workplace where varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view are celebrated and the individual is respected, included and empowered to bring their whole self to work

  • Transparency in business updates & communications. Whether you’re on the senior leadership team or early in your career,  you’re an integral part of the team and we’ll make sure you know what’s up

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